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Maramures Wooden Churches

The Maramures wooden churches Hotels in Maramures are remarkable examples of well-preserved religious architecture that emerged from the Orthodox traditions and Gothic style influences.

The churches show such a high level of artistic maturity and craft skills: they are narrow, tall, timber constructions with characteristic elongated towers single or double-roofed and covered by shingles. The walls of the wooden churches are generally built of oak logs laid horizontally with intricate joints. Because they are an exceptional expression of the cultural heritage of this mountainous area of northern Romania eigth of these churches are included in UNESCO World Heritage List since 1999.

The wooden churches, the nature and the people of Maramures are spiritually connected and have maintained this link to the present day.

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Maramures Travel Guide

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  1. Your photos and wriintg are fascinating. However, I didn’t get, at least in the visuals, what you were discussing about how Maramures (all of Romania?) is developing in a worse way than Asia. Also, are you making fun of the elderly people? I am just asking because I don’t quite understand. I think your photos are amazing.

  2. ori unde in lume am fost mia placut.dar sa nu uitam datina si plaiurile maramuresului.zona de neuitat-sant nascuta la arad parinti sant din zona aceasta frumoasa. viseu de jps bocicoel nu am cuvinte.foarte frumos.

  3. Ce frumoase sunt! Te iubesc scumpa Romanie si mi-e tare dor de tine!!

  4. The wooden churches of Maramures, lift my heart! indeed the whole of romania, but especially Maramures and its traditions which are enchanting.
    I will try in my lifetime to visit all these sublime wooden churches in Maramures. and try Moldova too.
    Thank you So much for these fantastic pictures.
    Really really appreciated!

  5. superb, I will see al of them-VIC

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