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Arduzel Church

Maramures Map - Arduzel

Year built: 1650
Location: Arduzel is a small village in southern Codru, just beyond the Someş River.
Summary: The church of the Holy Archangels is quite old, as suggested by its simple house-like form and the tall, pitched roof with a single ridge.

Arduzel - Maramures

The Church of the Holy Archangels in Arduzel seen from northeast.

Usually, when the entrance is from the south, there is no porch in front of it, or only a small overhang to protect it. In Maramureş County, full-length porches on the south side are rare, and only here in Arduzel it is enclosed with a rail.
The boards of the rail are decorated with cross-shaped openings.
The interior of the church is very bare, only few traces of the original paintings are visible anymore. A repeating decorative motif is the triangle, which has been used in the small openings on either side of the door between the pronaos and the naos, and on a carved supporting arch of the naos vault.
There are only two doors that lead to the chancel, another indication of the age of the church.

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