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Oncesti Church

Maramures Map - Oncesti

Year built: beginning of the 17th century
Location: The church of the Holy Archangels was moved from the village of Onceşti in the Iza River valley to the Ethnographic Museum of Sighetu Marmaţiei nearly 30 years ago.
Summary: The church is a fine example of the typical Maramure[ style, with its rectangular shape, tall shingled roof and soaring tower.

Oncesti - Maramures

The Church of the Holy Archangels of Oncesti at the Ethnographic Museum of Sighetu Marmatiei.

The roof covers the whole church, including the chancel apse, and below it is a narrow skirt roof that also goes around the whole church.
The apse is square, which is an indication of its age, but also of its northern origins, as this type of apse was mostly dominant north of the Tisa River. South of the river, polygonal apses were more common.
The interior painting is not the original, as the church has been moved twice, and in any case it is mostly very damaged.

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