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Coas Church

Maramures Map - Coas

Year built: 1730
Location: The village of Coaş is in the Land of Chioar, about 20 km south of Baia Mare by the county road DJ 182 B.
Summary: Whitewashed walls are made of stone, it has the form of a wooden church with a tall, rather massive, tower and a steep shingled roof.

Coas - Maramures

The Church of the Holy Archangels in Coas seen from the west.

The church is polygonal from both ends: the west end, where the entrance door is, has three facets, while the recessed east apse has five. It is most probable that the church was enlarged at some point, for on the south façade there are the carved blocks of the frame of a former door.
The interior walls of the church are also plain white, although there are some traces of paintings on the naos vault.

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