Dobricu Lapusului Church

Maramures Map - Dobricu Lapusului

Year built: before 1700
Location: Dobricu Lăpuşului is a small village some kilometres north of the town of Târgu Lăpuş, on the road that leads to Cupşeni.
Summary: The church is polygonal from both the east and the west ends, and the entrance is on the south façade.

Dobricu Lapusului - Maramures

The beautifully carved doorframe on the south façade.

The doorframe is rectangular, but on the lintel there is a sharply pointed narrow arch that is surrounded with a carved twisted rope, as are the jambs. At the base of the jambs there are carved rosettes. Another twisted rope goes all around the church façades just under the window level.
The interior painting is not very well preserved, but what can be seen is painted in a charmingly naïve style, influenced by the local painter Radu Munteanu who was active at the end of the 18th century.

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