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Sieu Church

Maramures Map - Sieu

Year built: 1760
Location: Şieu is 37 km southeast of Sighetu Marmaţiei on the county road DJ 186, between the communes of Rozavlea and Ieud. It sits by the Şieu River, a branch of the Iza River.
Summary: The original mural paintings have been dated to the second half of the 18th century, but they were largely overpainted during the first half of the 19th century. They were applied on pieces of textile material that were attached to the walls.

Sieu - Maramures

The Church of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin in Sieu seen from northeast.

The church, dedicated to the Assumption of the Holy Virgin, was built in 1760, in the place of a previous church, as so often in Maramures.
The main body of the building has a rectangular plan, while the chancel is polygonal. The roof has double eaves, except in the chancel, where the roof is simple.
In front of the west façade, there is a small porch with rounded arches. Also the entrance door has a rounded shape, and its frame is decorated with twisted rope. The door itself is carved with sun rays, a chalice and climbing vines.
In the pronaos, there are no longer any paintings on the ceiling. On the south wall are depicted Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in Paradise. They are seen holding in their hands the swaddled souls of the saved ones.

Sieu - Maramures

The entrance door to the church is decorated with carved vines and religious symbols, such as a chalice inside a circle in the middle of the door panel.

In the centre of the vault of the naos is The Holy Trinity, while in the corners are The Evangelists, Matthew in northeast, John in southeast, Lucas in southwest, and Mark in northwest. On the sides of the vault are scenes from the Old Testament and The Genesis. The walls are dedicated to the Cycles of Life and Passion of Christ.
On register I of the south wall are The Last Supper, The Arrest of Jesus, The Trial in Front of High Priests Annas and Caiaphas, and The Trial in Front of Pilate.
On the west wall is The Repentance of Judas, and on the north wall The Crucifixion, The Entombment, and The Resurrection.

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