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Laschia Church

Maramures Map - Laschia

Year built: 1857
Location: Lăschia is a village 16 km south of the town of Cavnic along the county road DJ 182 C, by the Cavnic River.
Summary: It was still built in the same local style, although it is larger and the façades are faced with vertical boards. Its most striking feature is the tall, heavy tower with a nearly outsized bulbous top.

Laschia - Maramures

The Church of the Birth of the Holy Virgin in Laschia with its impressive Baroque tower seen from southwest.

Towers influenced by Baroque are quite common in the western parts of Transylvania, but here in Chioar there is only one other, in Valea Chioarului.
The entrance to the church is from the west, where there is a porch that has a very tall rail, almost giving the impression of a closed façade. On the west wall, there are rare exterior paintings, of Sts. Peter and Paul against a white background.
The interior was painted in a naïve style at the end of the 19th century.

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