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Remetea Chioarului Church

Maramures Map - Remetea Chioarului

Year built: End of the 18th century
Location: Remetea Chioarului is a commune about 20 km south of Baia Mare on the county road DJ 182 B.
Summary: The church is a beautiful example of the classical Maramureş church with its tall, imposing tower.

Remetea Chioarului - Maramures

The Church of the Holy Archangels in Remetea Chioarului seen from the west.

On the west façade there is a porch that has four solid pillars. The beam above, and the struts that support it, are carved with triple grooves that emphasize the curved arches. Just above the entrance to the porch there is a conical extra roof that projects out of the main roof. The same feature can be seen, for example, in the churches of Coruia and Culcea.
The interior painting, which follows the usual iconography, is quite badly damaged, but still visible in part.

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