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Bicaz Church

Maramures Map - Bicaz

Year built: 1723
Location: The village of Bicaz is in the extreme southwest corner of Codru, just before the county road DJ 108 P crosses over to Oaş and Satu Mare County.
Summary: A unitary roof with a single ridge covers the whole structure. The tower with its shingled spire is quite robust and not very tall, but somehow in harmony with the whole.


The Church of the Holy Archangels in Bicaz seen from the west.

The entrance to the church is on the south façade. The door itself is made of thick boards, but it is the massive frame that draws the attention.
The interior painting is still partly in quite good condition and the usual compositions can be seen: the horrors of hell in the pronaos, and the life of Jesus in the naos, all painted on a white background.
The doorframe between the pronaos and the naos is worth a mention: it is made of seven different bands painted in red, yellow and green, carved with twisted rope and triangles.

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