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Stramtura Church

Maramures Map - Stramtura

Year built: 1771
Location: Strâmtura is a village in the middle course of the Iza River, 26 km southeast of Sighetu Marma]iei following the county road DJ 186.
Summary: Its aspect is not of the typical Maramureşean wooden church, and it differs from the “standard” in many ways.

Stramtura - Maramures

The Church of the Holy Archangels in Stramtura seem from southwest.

The walls of the church are wooden, but they have been rendered and painted white, which gives it the air of a masonry building.
The roof is not steeply pitched, although still covered with shingles. The church seems very long and low, which is accentuated by the even lower roof of the chancel apse.
The tower is also totally different: it is rather low, and doesn’t have a parapet on top of the shaft and a tall spire, as is usual. Instead, the tower is faced with vertical boards, and the balcony is behind vertical shutters.