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Poienile de sub Munte Church

Maramures Map - Poienile de sub Munte

Year built: 1788
Location: Poienile de sub Munte is situated on the county road DJ 187, 16 km northeast from the national road linking Vişeul de Sus and Sighetu Marmaţiei.
Summary: The church of the Transfiguration was built in a mixture of two traditional styles: most of the building looks very much like the traditional wooden churches of Maramureş do. But, the widely flaring single eaves and especially the bell-shaped roof of the tower show Ruthenian influences.

Poienile de sub Munte - Maramures

The church of the Transfiguration seen from southeast. The very distinctive bell-shaped tower roof sets it apart from the other Maramures churches.

Together with Ruscova and Repedea, it has one of the biggest communities of Ukrainians in Maramureş. In 1948, the Government decided to abolish the Graeco-Catholic Church and most Ukrainians adopted the Orthodox religion. They had their own Vicariate in Sighetu Marmaţiei until 1952, when it was transformed into a Protopopiate based in Poienile de sub Munte.
The church is rectangular in shape with a pentagonal chancel apse at the east end. The chancel is covered by a lower roof than the rest of the church. There is an open porch on the west façade. Also the position of the church, placed in the middle of an open yard, on flat land, is quite uncommon.

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