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Sacalaseni Church

Maramures Map - Sacalaseni

Year built: 17th century
Location: The commune of Săcălăşeni is in the broad Lăpuş River valley, about 13 km south of Baia Mare by the county road DJ 182 B.
Summary: The church resembles a house, with its entrance on the south façade and its unitary tall roof. Only the tall graceful tower and the polygonal east apse reveal its function.

Sacalaseni - Maramures

The Church of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin in Sacalaseni seen from east.

A twisted rope carved in relief encircles the structure, and the wide doorframe is abundantly decorated. The lintel is shaped like an ogee arch, with a carved cross on top of it.
The interior was painted in 1865 by Paul Weisz of Baia Mare, but the paintings are not in a very good condition and they have suffered from leaks of rain water.

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