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It is really hard to choose the right place where to go for a vacation in Turkey. This is because all places are so beautiful and attract attention both with its traditional spirit and modern line, so they are able to cater even those most fastidious tourists. However, it is not always easy to choose a place where you can keep together all that you want for a short break. Although some places have beautiful nature with an awkward position, others may be less beautiful, but still be at great locations. One thing is certain, when choosing a place with a good location and frequent departures to the surrounding areas, you can never make a mistake.

Rhodes Island Greece

Choose the right place for outstanding pleasure

People who like to plan a vacation well, read a lot about places where they would like to go. This is how they gather information about all the pros and cons of some specific city and what it can offer them. What is good to know when choosing your next place for a vacation? If you want to have both land and water in your palm, it is good to choose a location from which you can often take a blue cruise Turkey trip. This kind of travel offers the best opportunities for a tour all way down the coast in a short time, while enjoying the vast sea in sunlight. There are many beautiful places from which you can go on an unforgettable journey, only explore well before the start.

Rhodes Island Greece

The best places to start the trip

To make it easier for tourists to choose their summer destination, the recommendations are certainly welcome. Places that are most popular for starting a blue cruise are also very popular as the final destination where you can enjoy also in those days when you are staying on the mainland and not at the sea.
One such town where one can enjoy is beautiful Fethiye, the ancient city that has many times changed its name, but always had the luck to keep the beauty that is preserved through history for many years. Beautiful Olympos can also be an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy the clean and beautiful beaches. Furthermore, those who want to enjoy the lively atmosphere during the day or the urban time out during the long sleepless nights can certainly choose some places that are very alive and well visited. Such places are Marmaris or Bodrum. These cities are known like those which never sleep. Their restaurants are always full of fatigue and people who come from all over the world, and nightclubs mom you to freely dispose the sleeping time for some other day. If you feel this way of enjoyment suits you and you want your youthful spirit prevails during the summer months, Bodrum and Marmaris can be an equally good choice.

Kos Island Greece

Small cities can offer a lot

Fans of smaller and quieter places can always choose something different. The place which has a special charm and warmth is the Kas village. This is a small place which is a very important crossroad for many ships. Right from here you can go to a perfectly blue cruise journey. If you are tired of the noise and the turbulent streets, cheering people and prying eyes, stay in a small Demre. Here you will not have an urban atmosphere, but definitely will have a pleasant stay and the opportunity to embark on one of the ships. Beautiful Kemer can also be a good choice for those who want something between the big city and the small villages. This place is alive and known for a good time you can have out at nights, so from here the boat also will take you on a journey along the Turkish coast.

Kos Island Greece
Kos Island Greece

Fantastic Greek islands Rhodes and Kos

Apart from the Turkish coast blue cruise is ideal for a visit to the Greek islands. It really is an ideal opportunity to visit Greece islands beside the Turkish coast during the holiday. Beautiful Rhodes will leave you breathless as you walked the streets full of souvenirs and various little things that will help arouse attention. The little Kos is fantastic for a short visit and enjoying the beach with beautiful sand. Blue cruises allow you to stay even longer these islands because this is not the case when you go on a day trip. This is an ideal solution for those who want to enjoy the tour a little longer.

Written by Aleksandra Prokopovic for Alaturka Cruises