Glod Church

Maramures Map - Glod

Year built: 1700
Location: The village of Glod is found by the Slătioara River, up in the foothills of the Lăpuş Mountains, about 8 km from the Iza River Valley.
Summary: The church form is somewhat different from the other churches, for both its chancel apse and its porch are pentagonal.

Glod - Maramures

The Church of St. Nicholas in Glod seen from southeast.

A wide roof, faceted from both ends, seems to flow around the whole building. The solid walls seem very dark, as the wide rectangular window frames are painted white, and the west façade is whitewashed. The parapet is decorated with hearts in fretwork, as is the low wall of the porch.
The original interior paintings are no longer visible for the church walls are whitewashed.

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