Album Bucuresti – City Sights (romanian/english/french)

Album Bucuresti-City Sights

80 pages
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Text: romanian/english/french
Format: 27×21 cm, hard cover
Photo: Florin Andreescu, Text: Mariana Pascaru
Publishing: AdLibri
Price: 12.99 €

Bucharest seems to comprise many different cities mingled together. This undefined metropolis composed of diverse elements which are sometimes contrasting, has its admirers who think that its variety is what gives its originality and charm. Still searching its identity, the city changes its cultural offer from one year to another being more and more animated. When its heritage will be valorized as it should, Bucharest will have more to earn.

Look inside (Sample pages)

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Album Bucuresti - City Sights
Album Bucuresti - City Sights
Album Bucuresti - City Sights