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Bistrita Monastery

Bistrita Monastery - Neamt

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Year Built: 1554
Built By: Alexandru Lăpuşneanu
Location: Neamţ
Summary: The monumental size of the church is impressive: 41 m long, 15 m wide and 36 m high. The façades are decorated with two ranges of niches just under the eaves, and 19 tall and elegant niches on the apses.

Bistrita Monastery

General view of Bistrita Monastery from the east.

The beginnings of Bistriţa Monastery go back to the reign of Alexander the Kind. The oldest document that mentions the establishment was written on 4 January 1407 by the Metropolitan Bishop Iosif. A commemorative list of the Bistriţa Monastery, which is also dated from 1407, states that the founder was Alexander the Kind.
The Prince issued seven other documents on the Bistriţa Monastery between 1411 and 1431, but does not refer to himself as the founder of the monastery in any of them. But, the church that now stands in the middle of the compound, is not the original one. A document of 1554 clearly states that Prince Alexandru Lăpu[neanu rebuilt the old church.

Bistrita Monastery

The Church of the Bistrita Monastery.
Bistrita Monastery

The monastery museum.
Bistrita Monastery

Bistrita Monastery.
Bistrita Monastery

The interior of Church.

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