Saon Monastery

Saon Monasatery - Dobrogea

Romania Map - Saon Monastery (Dobrogea)

The monastic establishment from Saon was initially built in 1846 as a cell. It was built by the monks that had left the Celic-Dere Monastery. At first, two cells and a chapel were built and after entering the jurisdiction of Lower Danube Bishopric from Galati, the bishop Iosif Gheorghian decided to bring the rest of the monks here from Lower Celic, making Saon Cell independent. Afterwards the actual old wooden church was built with the dedication day “The Entrance of Virgin Mary in the Church”.

Saon Monastery - Dobrogea

Saon Monastery.

The construction of the new church started in September 1909, under the supervision of bishop Nifon Niculescu. The dedidaction day of this new church made of stone with three derricks is “The Holy Virgin’s Protection” and, unfortunately, it took 50 years to get built. The first thing that stopped the construction was the First World War, then the earthquake of 1940 that led to the ruin of the three derricks. Their reconstruction took three years, from 1956 to 1959. In the meanwhile the paintings were finished. The church was sanctified only in 1959, during the pastorate of Saint Bishop Chesarie Paunescu.
After a short while, however, the monastic establishment was disbanded and the goods went into the administration of Lower Danube Bishopric from Galati. In 1972 it became the Branch (Metoc) of the Archbishopric of Tomis and Lower Danube, and in 1990 it became again an independent monastery.

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