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Maramures - Travel Guide

502 pages
750 color photographs
100 colour and black and white drawings
24 maps
Published by Metaneira in 2007

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Thank You!

“Yesterday, I received the Maramures book. Thank you very much for the swift handling of my order.
Please allow me to congratulate you and your publishing house with this outstanding travel guide. I‘m sure it will provide me many, many hours of reading and re-experiencing my recent trip to Maramures.
To me, it seems like an incredible effort to compile this kind of elaborate, detailed and wonderfully designed guide –– especially with a relatively small group of contributors. It must have been a multi-year labour, I assume, but it’s still very much up-to-date, which I find remarkable for a guide on a region that’s experiencing rapid changes.
Again, thanks a lot. I wish I had your guide before I went to Maramures, but unfortunately, for some reason I didn’t hear of it’s existence before. It was only when I talked to the director of the Maramures tourist agency in Sighet, that she showed me this book.
By the way: I can’t believe that you’ve produced a similar book on Bucovina. We planned to visit that region, too, but because of heavy floods we had to postpone that.”

Best regards,

Pancras Dijk, writer, text editor
National Geographic Magazine Nederland*België

““Maramures” is an excellent book, a rare mixture of proficient information, flowing descriptions, wonderful illustrations, everything based on a great concept. One can feel the love for this land coming out from every word from this book. Congratulations!
I have accidentally come across this book and everyone should know that this book is not just a traveling guide. “

I give you my best thanks,
Prof. Dr. Eike Uhlich