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Parhauti Church

Bucovina Map - Parhauti Church

Year Built: 1522
Built by: Chancellor Gavril Trotuşan
Location: Părhăuţi, Suceava County
Summary: Seen from distance, the rough stone walls and the small windows give the church the image of an impregnable fortress. Only the west façade differs: it is pierced by four large openings on two levels.

Parhauti Church

The church of Parhauti in the middle of peaceful countryside.

At the end of a quite difficult side road that branches off to the left from the main road leading from Suceava to Radauti, is the Church of All Saints of Părhăuţi.
The massive and robust church is composed of a rectangle and the compulsory east apse, without any lateral apses. A straight roof that accentuates its severe form covers the structure.

The windows, two each on the south and north façades, and one on the east apse, are narrow and small. The carved frames have pointed ogee arches. The openings of the exonarthex, on the other hand, are wide and have a round arch.
On the masonry pillar that separates the two arched entranceways to the open exonarthex, is a refined commemorative inscription.

Parhauti Church

Scenes from the Life of St. Nicholas on the exonarthex vault.

The open two-storey exonarthex distinguishes Părhăuţi from other churches, although a similar structure was later built also in Baia. Through the two big arches the way leads to the open exonarthex. The space is quite narrow and low, vaulted with a transversal barrel vault. The whole vault is covered with scenes from The Life of St. Nicholas.

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