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Romania Map

Romania Map

Main Roads and Railroads Map in Romania.

For more information please visit: Romanian Railway Company website where you can find a detailed timetable and map of romanian train system. The Romanian national railway is extensive and it connects all the main destinations throughout the country.

For more information about the roads and highways in Romania please visit Romanian road distance calculator designed to map out the distances, in kilometers and miles, between hundreds of cities, towns and villages within Romania..

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  1. Romania! What can I say about this destination? So many beautiful sights to see, so many interesting people to meet, there is so much history and scenery here. Visit Romania and you will surely be glad that you did.

  2. I would like to visit the jewish cemetary.
    can you give me adress and directions , but not from the water side. do not want to cross the wooden bridge.

    thank you

  3. The drive is the best way to really see everything. From the very small villages out of the way and off the beaten path, I loved every moment and would like to return again ,,

  4. Ca fiind un om de afaceri mici, nu au nici o influenţă mai mare decât adevărul .

  5. Outstanding writing! but will be travelling in Europe in the summer and your information serves as my preparation.

  6. I am travelling to Romania in June. Will I be able to catch a train from Constanja to Suceava? I appreciate any advice you can give me.

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